You people would not believe the shit storm when these came out……..

"The thing I'm most afraid being swallowed up by this horrible kingdom and becoming a different person! I won't go back...I won't let them take away my freedom"

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I was rewatching this last night with some of the usual suspects, and I noticed a thing: this is the only time Elsa slips on ice.

She later runs up a staircase made of ice, in heels, while skipping steps, and this is the only time she slips on ice.

I wonder, if on days upon weeks locked in her room, watching life outside from her window, and spends hours upon hours walking on ice. In slippers, in heels, barefoot even. Runs laps around her room, maybe jumping jacks, all just to practice. So she’ll never, ever slip on her own ice again. Because she lost her footing once, and it nearly cost her everything. (And look who paid, paid so dearly that it’s still written in her hair.)

And she’d rather damn herself than lose her footing again. (Turns out, that didn’t matter, in the end.)

who gave you the right

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"Should I kill the most important person to you right now?"

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