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"As I thought, it seems like I’m still stubbornly in love with that guy."

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(Don’t worry, Tenzin’s fine… Aang.. not that much) How do you think Korra knows how to babybend? I don’t know what I’m doing to my life anymore.

byakuya and hisana { their love is legendary, they were married, they were happy and he still thinks of her, he still loves her, he still is her husband and always will }

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captain america: the winter soldier + tumblr



People keep speculating about whether we’ll get bucky cap or sam cap after chris evans leaves the franchise and I’m just imagining steve standing in front of both of them and saying ‘two beautiful men stand before me but I’m only holding one photo in my hands. That photo…

Korra Week: Day 7 → Triumph

"She did it."

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